No Smoking allowed on the beach of any kind, this includes vaping. 

No Alcohol allowed on the beach, this is state law.

No Glass Bottles on the beach - a cut from broken glass can ruin your day, especially a child’s!

All dogs are prohibited from being on the beach, no exceptions.  This is a Portland Water District rule that we MUST adhere to.

Please use proper swimming diapers for babies and young children. One dirty diaper in the water can close the beach. The water is tested sometimes twice a day by the PWD.

“Carry In/Carry Out, No Trace” policy is in place. Please keep the beach and water pristine and clean.  

Do not feed the waterfowl-they are extremely harmful to water quality

Staying overnight on the beach is prohibited (including tenting).  You can sleep on your boat.

Our lease with Portland Water District & the Town of Standish requires all boats, including those registered with the Town of Standish, and be equipped with portable toilets.

Campfires are not allowed except in the designated fire pits. Please do not move them. Do not throw trash or glass in the fire pits.

There is a limit of 75 boats on the Sandbar Beach at the same time. The SBC is responsible for administering this limit. If you arrive at the Sandbar after 75 boats have already arrived, you will be asked to leave and return later after at least one (1) boat has departed.

Don’t tie up your boat to shrubs, trees, beach vegitation or tree roots.  Please use your anchors or sand spikes. It is very difficult to walk along the beach and injury can result.

Headway speed (no wake) is required within 200 feet of the shoreline. Slow down as you approach the Sandbar. This is Maine Boating Law and a common courtesy to your fellow boaters, swimmers and others enjoying the water--- for obvious safety reasons. There have been complaints about excessive speed and noise, and wardens are on alert.

We are a family environmental boaters’ beach. Profanity and alcohol abuse are prohibited! Also, loud or unreasonable music and artificial lighting powered by a generator(s) after 10 P.M. are prohibited.
Respect the property of our neighbors, especially on the East End of the Sandbar; their property is posted. Also, the property towards the back is private, so do not walk over.

SBC & PWD reserve the right to reject a prospective member for any reason.
NO FIREWORKS will be allowed on the beach at any time. This will be strictly enforced for safety reasons.

ENFORCEMENT: Violations of any of the above rules may result in your eviction by Portland Water District (PWD) from Sandbar Beach and any other PWD properties, along with suspension of your membership from SBC.

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